Faida Market Link ( Faida MaLi)

Facilitating sustainable Market Linkages Between small Agricultural Procedures and Markets


Welcome to Faida MaLi


Faida MaLi has experience of over ten years in the field of linking farmers to the markets through value chain development. The organization has established good relations between small producers and buyers through contract farming and spot markets.

·    Over 27,600 small scale producers (445 groups) have been reached

·    Twelve (12) buyers have been linked to farmers in out-grower schemes

·    Thirty (30) NGOs have received training on the Faida MaLi "Ten step Market Linkage Approach"

·   Faida MaLi has also done a number of short term and long term assignments related to market linkage.

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The organization was established after realization that small scale farmers are often unable to take advantage of the increasing opportunities for entrepreneurial development offered by market liberalization and private agro-industrial investment.

 Faida MaLi:

promotes identified business opportunities in rural areas and support farmers in transforming these opportunities into economic activities that increase income and creates employment. Farmers involved are mobilized into groups and trained on organizational and business skills. Their capacity on negotiation, decision making power, and agronomic skills are strengthened.  Such skills are important in order to produce high quality and quantity produce and maintain long term business contracts.

Using the Faida 10-steps market linkage approach to link producers to markets, Faida MaLi

provides its clients with valuable, convenient and sustainable linkages between smallholders and agricultural produce buyers.  The uniqueness of the approach is testified by clients with valuable in the flexibility of application. Faida Market Link aims at playing a valuable facilitating role in linking producers to markets in ensuring that the services required in the building of sustainable partnerships are available.